Geek Squad’s Stance on Censorship and Helping the Consumer

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I’ll admit it.  I love the story of Geek Squad.

The legend of Robert Stephens and how he founded the Geek Squad is quite motivational. If you are the owner of a small computer repair start-up, you should look into reading as much as you can on his philosophy, his business savvy techniques and the explosive growth of Geek Squad.

With that being said… although I like the company that is Geek Squad, I do not like the experience people get when they go to a Geek Squad store. I have had numerous customers (in the Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado areas) come to me after a terrible experience with the Geek Squad, and become very loyal clients. Usually, the Geek Squad will provide a very average (mediocre at best) experience at a very high cost to the consumer.

You can see more proof of Geek Squad’s “expert” troubleshooting skills in this video:

But, what has really gotten me on an anti-geek rant today is the fact that they refuse to post my comments on the Geek Squad blog.

Long story short, I love to read other people’s computer repair blogs. Therefore, I search high and low for good quality blogs to read and add to my RSS reader on the Google desktop. There have a been a few times in the past month that I have commented on a post on the Geek Squad’s blog.

The Geek Squad blog is decent enough. It offers basic advice to beginners on troubleshooting, setup and basic computer repair. It doesn’t get too deep into the technical aspects, and I completely understand why. I don’t fault them for that, as I know from experience that you have to speak to your target market when writing for a company blog.

But, what I do fault them for is not posting my sincere, helpful comments.

I’ve seen this occasionally in the blogs that I read… but, has happened 100% of the time with the Geek Squad blog.

Many times, a computer repair company won’t post my comment if I disagree (I am always very polite about it, of course) with what they have written in their post. Instead of having a friendly debate about the issue, they usually just never post my comment. If you ask me, this means that they are either not very knowledgeable on the subject and they feel embarrassed that someone is calling their bluff… or, they are simply too arrogant to entertain the idea that they may be wrong. Truthfully, I would be wary of doing business with either type of business.

The difference between these companies and the Geek Squad, is that they won’t allow ANY of my comments to post. I have never been rude, disagreeable, or self-promotional. The most I have ever done is offer a easy tip or two on a troubleshooting post.

For example, on the DIY: Wireless Network Troubleshooting blog post on the Geek Squad website, I tried to add a comment explaining that before you start troubleshooting wireless routers and modems, you should check the wireless on/off switch on your laptop to make sure that your wireless antenna is actually turned on. Personally, I thought that it was helpful advice… not very technical at all… easy to understand… a very common mistake that I have seen with my clients many times. The comment never got posted.

But, even when I have NOT offered advice, and I just attempted to make a comment such as “Good post!”, or something of that nature, NONE of these comments on the Geek Squad blog have ever been allowed to post, either!

The best I can guess is that they can tell from my e-mail address that I am from a “competing” company… and I am therefore getting the digital snub. The big and important Geeks on High have deemed me unworthy to associate with, and see fit to censor my comments by deleting them entirely.

Nice work, Geek Squad!

Next time I need to buy a LCD monitor, computer part (when I don’t already have them in stock), or my next big screen television, Wal-Mart is right around the corner. To any of my readers out there who love exercising their right to choose, feel free to check out some other places before immediately running down the the local Best Buy.

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