Network Installation & Troubleshooting

Whether you have a large network with 100 computers, or just a home based network with just a wireless router and a laptop… your network is critical to getting anything done.

If you need one, we can install one.

Plus, if you have already have a network, but it’s not functioning the way that it should… we can fix that too.

Sometimes problems are easy to solve.  But, sometimes, they require the skilled expertise of someone who has tackled the most tricky networking issues.

Although we have training (and multiple networking certification) most of our skills were acquired in the field, working through some of the most stubborn problems.  We wouldn’t have it any way, because some of the best knowledge can be gained in the trenches.

Here are some of the networking-related services we offer:

  • Setting up sharing between multiple computers
  • Installing a wireless network
  • Configuring a network printer
  • Installing Ethernet (Cat-6) cable in a home or office
  • Installing wireless hotspot access in a hotel, coffee shops, etc.
  • Firewall installation, configuration and management
  • Configuring remote access
  • Troubleshooting email problems
  • Server related networking of any kind

If you need something else not on this list, just give us a call and ask us.  The phone number is (970) 292-7500.  We look forward to hearing from you.