Privacy Policy

Here is our privacy policy in plain English, without all the legal-speak…

Your Contact Information

When you call us, we may record your phone number.  We do this so that we can call you back.

If you ever give us your address, that is recorded too.  We do this so that you don’t have to give us your address over and over again when you call and schedule another appointment.  We may also use this address to send you a thank you card, holiday greeting card, or a coupon for discounted service.

If you ever pay us, your address is recorded in our online Quickbooks bookkeeping application.

If you ever email us, your email address is in our system somewhere.  Your name and/or email address will never be placed on a mailing list of any kind.

Your Financial Information

If you pay us with a check, we create a copy of the check before depositing the check.  This is to ensure that your payment is attributed to the invoice that you intended to pay.  This reduces errors in our system by leaving a paper trail in our system.

If you pay us with a credit card, we may keep your credit card on file with our Quickbooks bookkeeping system.  We do not have access to the full credit card number within the bookkeeping system.  After the card is run the first time, only the last 4 digits and the expiration date are visible to anyone in the bookkeeping system.

If we are helping you with your tax programs (Tax Cut, Turbo Tax, Drake, etc), bookkeeping applications (Quickbooks, Quicken, etc), or investment applications we may accidentally see some of your financial information.  This cannot be avoided.

Your Personal Information

When you leave a voicemail on our phone system, it’s recorded in our VM system.  This voicemail also (automatically) gets transcribed and sent to me via email.  This email is archived in our email system.

If we are recovering data (such as photos, documents, etc) from a hard drive as part of a job, the owner and employees of Aspen Computer Services may have to open and view some or all of the data (documents, photos, emails, etc) to ensure the recovery was successful.  This is not snooping.  This is done to determine if the recovery job was successful or not.

In the course of troubleshooting a system, we may have to view documents of a personal nature.  This information will not be copied or shared by anyone in our company.  For example, if we are troubleshooting your email application, it may be necessary to open your email.  Unfortunately, this simply cannot be avoided.

Your Client’s Information

We have psychologists, medical doctors, dentists and lawyers as clients.  We fully understand HIPAA practices.  We are aware that your client and customer information is private.  We will never copy or print any of this client information with the intention of taking it off premises.

If it’s necessary to take your computer back to our shop, no client information will be copied from your computer to another system, unless it is for data recovery purposes.  If client or customer information is copied to one of our systems, it is always kept in a secure location and is removed from our systems as soon as possible.