Recommended Tools For DIY Computer Repair

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However, some people would rather tackle the problem on their own before calling for help.  Here are a few tools that will get you started on fixing your own computer.

  • Kaspersky Antivirus – This is our favorite anti-virus applications on the market today.  We love Kaskersky Anvirus because it’s lightweight and works amazingly well.
  • Reimage – Reimage is an amazing tool that scans your entire computer for problems (such as virus infections and corrupted files) and repairs them by replacing the damaged files with non-damaged files from an internal Windows file repository.  To my knowledge, this is the one of the only computer repair tools to use such a file repository of files.
  • CCleaner – We love this tool for basic file system cleaning.  It also has a great registry cleaner built right in.  Best of all, there is a free version of this program that you can use without paying a dime (but you should check out the paid version too, because it might be worth it for you).
  • Diskeeper – This is my favorite disk defragmenter tool.  It costs less than $30 for a license that you can use on up to 3 computers.  It keeps your disk defragged “on the fly”, meaning that you don’t have to remember to run it.  Also, it automatically optimizes your files based on how often you use them.  Very handy for slow computers.

We will be adding to this list in the future.  Thank you!