Upgrades and Tune-Ups

Hate your computer?

Computer were created to make our lives easier… and, in most cases, they do.

But, when they start running slow, it can change your whole perspective about computers.  I once talked to a lady who hit the start button as soon as she rolled out of bed, and she could make coffee, shower and get completely dressed before her computer was finished booting.

Now that’s enough to make you want to throw your computer out the window.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  When you first purchased your computer, it was not slow.  Otherwise you would have returned it immediately.  That means that your computer can be fast again.

There can be many reasons why your computer has slowed down over time, but most of these causes are reversible… and usually your PC or laptop needs nothing more than a good clean-up.  This can easily be performed by a trained and experience computer professional.

Also, your computer might also need a small, inexpensive memory upgrade to maximize the speed of your computer and extend the usable life of your hardware.

Give us a call at (970) 292-7500 to schedule an appointment.  You don’t have to live with a slow computer.  Let us make computer loveable again.